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Be your own #WCW sis!

What’s up, Kings and Queens?! I hope you all are well! Ladies, don’t wait around for a man to make you his #WCW! Be your own "Woman Crush Wednesday" because babeee,  

I am her!! And she is me!! Today’s blog highlights how I went out of my comfort zone and did my own photo shoot in the heart of the art district. I do most of my pictures and videos in the comfort of my home but I lowkey was getting tired of the same background😩! I needed a change! Listen, y’all I was super nervous because of the awkward stares, cars stopping etc. but it wasn’t so bad. I found a street with little distractions, found a mural that I really liked, popped out my tripod and went to work! It was honestly a great experience. I’ve never taken my own photos in public before and it was certainly awkward at moments. However, in this life you have to use what you got, to get what you want (free item from the SBL store for the first person who can tell me what movie that line is from) LOL!!! I have always struggled asking for help and I know that is something I have to work on but until then, I’m okay going out doing my own shoots. I stayed out for about 2 hours taking photos and making videos. I was able to create content for the next three weeks. While going through the process it brought more awareness around the things I can do. Which is all things! Yea, the stares were uncomfortable but I stayed focused on my ultimate goal. I spoke to people, answered questions and still got the job done. It was a great first time experience. It felt so good, so rewarding. I’ll definitely be doing it again! 

About this look though! Everything was thrifted except the black biker shorts. I found the two piece snake print top and the Steve Madden platform sandals from Thrift City in Fort Lauderdale! It was my first visit to that store and I bought sooo much stuff! I purchased the set for $3 and the shoes for $10. They were both a great steal and I’m so happy I bought them. Y’all know I love a good platform! 

While doing the photo shoot, I really didn’t know how I wanted to style the shirt. I loved it with the tank top tucked in my shorts and the outer shirt on top. It was a very cool, comfortable look! However, I also loved the outer shirt tied up in the front. It was a sexy, comfortable look! The shades and the flower purse gave the outfit the perfect touch😎

There you have it folks, “Story Behind the Look”! Don’t be surprised if you see this look often, LOL. It was so comfortable but stylish at the same time. I’m hopeful I’ll find more thrifted pieces like this. Ladies and Gents, don’t ever be afraid to do the things you never thought you would do. Greatness comes out of stepping out on faith as well as breaking through things that make you uncomfortable. I’m going to challenge you all to do at least one thing this week that you’re uncomfortable with. That’s all for now. Be well✨

-Vintage Black Girl 

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