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Brunch, Thrifting and Laughter!

What's up, Kings and Queens?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! I hope you all are well and has been taking good care of yourselves. This has been a good week so far but I'm still anxiously waiting for the weekend. Nonetheless, let's get into this Look!

I bought this shirt back in September. A friend and I took a short trip out to Dallas for the weekend. Because I was in a new city, it was only right that we go thrifting! I was able to find a couple gems too! We went to several thrift stores but I found this shirt at the last stop! As soon as I saw it, I knew I was going to buy it. It as the color pattern! I love bright, loud colors and it instantly caught my eye! So, of course I got it and it was only $3! I didn't care how big or small it was, I had to have that shirt!

My friend Amber came in town from Atlanta a couple weekends ago. We decided to go to brunch and I knew exact what I was going to wear. I had been waiting months to wear this outfit. I already knew which earrings, purse, shoes and pants I was going to pair with this gorgeous top. I honestly be knowing in my head what I'm going to wear to brunch almost every time, LOL! Brunch is a big thing out here in Miami and the only time I really have the freedom to get cute!! Anyway, I felt good in this outfit. This look gave me "be your true authentic self sis" I didn't care how loud I as. I didn't care how many stares I received. I was wearing what I love. What made me feel like the Vintage Black Girl! The shoes is what made the outfit so BOMB! It gave the shirt the personality that it needed. Love, love, love this outfit! We had so much fun at brunch and the food was AMAZING!

So there you have it folks, Story Behind the Look! As I always say, continue to live in your truth and be your true authentic self. This is your reminder! You were born to be different, to be you. Do that! If you ever want any thrifting pointers or just ever want to meet up and thrift let me know! I got you.

PS: Thank you, Alexa! I love my purse

-Vintage Black Girl

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