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Don't you dare give up!

What's up, Kings and Queens?! Welcome back to Story Behind the Look! What's been going on y'all? Long time no speak, LOL! I pray all is well and you're staying safe. I'm still thrifting and caring on, LOL! SBL has grown tremendously since we first started. I remember I use to write blogs every week, sometimes twice a week and now I barely have time to write. A big part of SBL is for storytelling however I've been so busy creating content for Instagram, I haven't spent much time sharing my stories. Nonetheless, here were are! Let's chat, Fam!

So y'all I found I new thrift store! It's not too far from my house and it's so bomb! I typically go on Friday's because that's when they bring out the hottest vintage pieces. That is where I found this Kimono Robe. Can you believe it's a robe? Y'all know I had to flip it and turn it into a dress. Ladies, when you go thrifting, don't forget to check the lingerie section! The lingerie section allows me to be creative! When I found this robe, I immediately knew how I was going to style it. I saw the vision and I made it come to life! The color of the robe is sooo gorgeous and I knew it would look great on my skin. I love it so much and I only paid $1.50 for it! I decided to pair it with a gold belt to cinch the waist. I wanted to go with a simple shoe, so I picked these clear Fashion Nova pumps, which were also thrifted for $5.99! I decided to pair the outfit with a salmon-colored clutch purse and gold earrings. I loved this look so much! If only I had somewhere to wear it, LOL! I felt so good in my thrifted outfit! Can you believe I did my own hair?! Youtube taught me! It definitely made the outfit pop! It was a LOOK hunni!

There you have it folks, Story Behind the Look! I took this photo behind a building off of I-95! I pass this building often but on this day I decided to stop and I'm happy I did. This was an interesting day. Although these photos came out nice, there were a lot of difficulties during the photoshoot. I left the phone holder to my tripod at home and later my Tripod blew away with the wind and broke, LOL! I had to improv and used my car phone stand to sit on the tripod, to take my pictures. It was a mess, LOL, but I pushed through and was able to shoot four different LOOKS! Talk about preservernce. No matter what got in my way, I still kept going. Keep going, y'all. Don't stop, don't quit, don't give up. Keep going! I hope yall enjoyed this read. Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts on this look! Until next time, take care!

-Vintage Black Girl

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Rob LaRay
Rob LaRay
25 mars 2021


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