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Floral, Floral, Floral!

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

What’s up, Kings and Queens?! Today I want to share the "Story Behind the Look" for one of my favorite pieces! I found this John Roberts romper at my favorite Goodwill right down the street from my house and I absolutely adore it. This was a self-care day for me and on self-care "thrift" days, I don't go looking for anything in particular, I just look to look. It’s therapeutic. So typically when I walk in a Goodwill, I go directly to the dress section. I go simply to look for old vintage designed dresses. However, on this day, I found this romper! As soon as I saw it, I knew I was going to buy it. The colors and the floral patterns caught my attention immediately! I love all things FLORAL! As I ran my hands through the material, I realized that it also had POCKETS! Childddd listen! I live for some pockets! So it was an automatic WIN for me. It was a size 11, so I instantly got upset because I knew it would be too big. But the more I held on to it, the less I cared LOL I bought the romper! It was just that damn dope!

This fit made me feel free, comfortable and different! This isn't your traditional romper. Its long, free flowing and subtle. The material was so soft on my skin and the colors complimented my skin tone! Normally, I would have just thrown on some cute sandals but because I loved this fit so much and the way it made me feel, I needed to dress it up. I needed to stand I paired it with a nude open-toe heel! Are those shoulder pads? Yep! Listen, shoulder pads can be a hit or miss. However, I actually loved them with this romper. I decided to dress it with a gold necklace, gold hoop earrings and a watch. Not too much, just enough. Guess how much I paid for the romper? $6! Yep, I know. I know. I couldn't believe it either!

So there you have it folks, my first "Story Behind the Look"! Listen, the next time you're out shopping or thrifting and you see something that you truly like but you're unsure about it...just buy it! Give yourself a chance to live outside of the box. Be free. Be you. Take a chance. Every single look you go for has a story...your story! Own it. Share it. Live it. Love it.

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Aug 13, 2020

Granddaughter, I really love your style! It is amazing! Love you much!


Jul 28, 2020

Sis!!! You know I love me some pockets especially on a romper.

Can’t wait for our thrift date🖤


Rob LaRay
Rob LaRay
Jul 28, 2020

Love how you styled this!✨

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