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Girl, do you really need that?!

What's up, Kings and Queens?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! I hope you are well and had a great weekend! Today we are going to talk about this Leslie Fay long sleeve blouse. It gives me both sweater and blouse vibes because of the stretch material at the bottom...but we will just call it a blouse today! I have many items from Leslie Fay; however, I did not realize this until one day I noticed the similarities in the material. The items that I have are all 100% polyester and have similar patterns. I love their clothing!

I found this shirt at my favorite Goodwill, down the street from my house. I only went to find a black belt. However, if you know me, I cannot just go into Goodwill and not look around, LOL! So, I found this shirt! Obviously, the color combination wow'd me, as well as the material. You can’t tell from the picture but it is a see-through blouse, which was pretty dope to me. I love that the base colors are black and white but I really really love the colorful flower patterns as well. If you notice the sleeves, there are green and purple lines going down the arms, as well as on the pink neckline. After looking at the shirt for a while, I was like "This is cute, but I don't need it! Where would I wear it?". Again, living here in South Florida, you do not need long sleeves, LOL! So I put it back on the rack and walked away. As I was walking to the register to purchase the belt, something kept saying "Girl, buy the shirt. It's only $8”. I went back and forth with myself but as you can see, I bought the shirt!

I decided to pair the shirt with some black slacks, black & white vans and some black earrings, created by my good friend Cydney! Thank you Queen! I was looking for a laid back but casual look. I originally had on some black heels but I wasn't feeling it much. The vans worked just fine. When I hangout with friends, I would wear something like this. Chill, comfortable but still cute! This was the perfect outfit. Although, I got a little hot, lol! ANDD I wore a black Cami underneath as well. I still felt good wearing it! I've had this top for months now but waited to wear it until my hair was styled in a bun, which I love! I wanted my hair up so folks would get a good look at the patterns on the front and back of the blouse. This was a good night and I loved the way I put this outfit together!

So, there you have it folks...Story Behind the Look! One lesson that I learned while purchasing this blouse is to never second guess yourself. I knew deep down in my heart that I wanted the shirt but because I'm constantly aware of the money I spend, I was skeptical about purchasing it. However, as hard as I work, I deserve any and everything that I purchase. The same $8 I spent, would have been the same $8 I would have spent on a meal from Chic-fil-a! So, I'll leave you all with what works for you, what makes you happy, what makes sense to you, no matter what it is! I love y'all...have a great rest of your week!

-Vintage Black Girl

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