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Giving you Ruby Baptiste from Lovecraft Country!

What's up, Kings and Queens?! I hope you are well. I know its been awhile. However, I've been away planning and preparing to resale some of my thrifted items! I’m so excited for the things I have planned for you all!

But any who, Welcome to "Story Behind the Look"! Today, we’re going to get into this blue dress! February 2020, I visited Houston for my birthday. Every time I travel to a different city, I try to go thrifting. It’s a tradition. I love shopping out of town. As I was ending my trip and before heading back to the airport , I went to Goodwill, which is where I purchased this dress for $6! Now, I debated if I would get this dress the entire time I was there. I wanted it but I didn't. It was the cascading ripple accent on the chest that got me! It is sooo nice and makes the dress standout. I also loved the flow of the dress. It wasn't too tight or too big! Lastly, I do not own a vibrant blue dress so I figured it would be a good steal for my closet.

I haven't had the opportunity to wear this dress out and about yet due to COVID-19 but when I wore it for the photoshoot, I loved it. However, I did not have the best attitude. I was cranky this day for whatever reason but work still needed to get done. During the photoshoot, I faked how I was truly feeling on the inside but was determined to own how I felt on the outside. It was easy to serve face because I was moody, lol, but it was also easy to accept my reality. This was a different photoshoot but the outcome was great! All of my shots gave attitude and I wasn't mad at it, lol. I was living in my truth and my photos still came out good. I loved the dress! I decided to pair it with these closed toe white heels, which I thought gave the outfit a 1970's look! I wanted a shoe color that would pop and make me feel taller in the dress, considering the length was mid calf.

So there you have it folks, Story Behind the Look! This outfit gives me Lovecraft Country vibes too, lol, (for anyone who is watches this show)! Ruby is one of my favorite characters! This story was very different from the rest. I wasn't as excited or happy for this photoshoot but I still made the best out of it and was able to share my story. I want to encourage you all to always live in your truth. Do not try to fake how you are feeling or what you may go through. Suppressing your feelings will only go as far as the day you finally explode. It's okay, we’re human. We can’t show up 100% of the day but we can commit to doing our absolute best and that's what I did for this photoshoot.

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