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I stepped out on my love...

What's up, Kings and Queens?! I hope you all are well. We are two days closer to the weekend and babeeeee I cant wait. I am extremely tired. I hope you all have been taking care of yourselves. Y'all know self care is the best care! Don't sell yourself short (this is me holding you accountable). But nonetheless lets get into this LOOK!

As you all know I'm 95% always dressed in thrifted attire. Almost everything in my closet is from Goodwill or thrift stores. However, in February this year, I stepped out on secondhand shopping. I purchased this entire outfit from Forever 21, Rainbow and Marshalls. Honestly, I do not know why because I typically do not go to other department stores that often. However, this was a FIRE outfit! I travelled to Charlotte, NC for CIAA. (Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association) and it was cold! Way colder than it ever is here in Miami, so I needed warm clothes. I purchased the jacket from Forever 21, the turtleneck sweater from Marshalls and the skirt from Rainbow! As soon as I saw this skirt, I knew I had to have it. It was so bright, inspiring and fun! I love the deep creases, the colors and the women. The entire skirt was filled with beautiful faces. This skirt was a statement piece. I'm not sure if the designer was intentional about the make of the skirt but it gave me woman empowerment vibes and just what I needed. I decided to pair the outfit with this green/yellowish purse and my favorite black and white fans. I love sneakers with a skirt or a dress. It such a look! Although it was extremely cold. I still wore my skirt. Any time I have a vision in mind, I have to go forth...rain or shine. Oh, and if you pay close attention to detail, you'll see the word "rare" on one of the faces of the skirt. That stood out to me because I know "I'm a rare breed" Okurrrr! However, I did have on leggings underneath the skirt LOL I didn't want to get sick. The environment change between Miami and Charlotte are too different things, (I still was sick when I returned back home) This was a great outfit for a nice brunch with friends and I absolutely loved it! It was very modern and retro.

So there you have it folks, Story Behind the Look! I hope you all enjoyed this read. I wanted you all to see that sometimes I do shop outside of Goodwill or thrift stores. Sometimes, I don't find what I'm looking for which leads me to looking in other places. However, thrift stores will always be my first love. Its okay to step away from your normal, as long as you go back. (don't let that go over your head) Until next time fam, be well.

-Vintage Black Girl

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