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Introducing, Ebony Akinrimisi!

What's up, Queens?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! I hope you all are well and had a great day! So, tell me...what yall got planned for Valentine's Day?! Going out of town? Romantic date? Netflix and Chill? Well, I hope whatever it is that you have the best time. Honestly, I never really celebrate Valentine's Day because it's my actual birthday! Most of the text messages I get are "Happy Birthday and Valentine's Day!" and that's my reminder that it's actually a holiday other than my birthday! I will be out of town celebrating and I can hardly wait. If you don't have a significant other, no worries take yourself on a date, buy yourself chocolates, buy yourself flowers. Be your own Valentine because you're worth it, Queen!

I would like to introduce you all to the beautiful Ebony as she shares her "Story Behind the Look! Enjoy this read.

My thrifting journey literally began overnight. I’ve always known I wanted to have a business of my own and growing up I always looked forward to mom and daughter shopping trips to the mall. Putting little outfits together was fun for me, I’d go through at least 3 outfit changes a day. Anywho, fashion has always been an interest of mine. Therefore when the pandemic hit and I was given the opportunity of free time, I knew it’d be the perfect juncture to put my love for fashion & business together to open a clothing boutique.

When I initially embarked on this journey, I researched potential wholesalers I could buy from but being new to the game and with my budget, it was difficult finding places that sold quality pieces at a reasonable price. It then occurred to me that I could go thrifting, handpick quality pieces myself, pay less than what I’d be paying in the wholesale market, and provide my customers with grade A pieces!

It was New Years Eve and I wanted to “feel” like I was going out somewhere fancy to ring in the new year (although I was going to sit on the couch). This outfit made me feel regal! The floor length ink black velvet duster with heavy shoulder pads, the luxurious silk cami and heels gave me an air of sophistication that day! One of my favorite looks for sure. I wore it this way because all black is trés chic/sophisticated and I really wanted to feel good about myself going into the new year. The velvet duster inspired the entire look. I knew I wanted to wear it and because it was such a beautiful piece, I didn’t want to take away from it in any way. Going monochromatic with all black seemed like the best choice.

If I could give one piece of advice based off of my story, it’d be to go ahead, take a risk and do what you love! This online boutique is my side business but it doesn’t ever feel like work because fashion has always been my passion!


Story Behind the Look! Wow, what a story! I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Ebony. Such an amazing woman! Again, we all have a story and in the words of Ebony, "take a risk and do what you love!" I hope you all enjoyed the story behind Ebony's look and are encouraged to follow your dreams! Make sure you follow her on Instagram @skoolofvintage! Until next time folks! Happy Valentine's Day!

-Vintage Black Girl

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