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Introducing, Imani Batts!

What's up, Queen's and King's?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! Y'all ready for the Super Bowl or nah?! I watch it for leisure but I honestly don't have a specific team I'm going for LOL! I most definitely probably attend a Super Bowl Party, specifically to eat and fellowship! Either way, I hope you all have an amazing weekend with whatever you decide to do.

Today, I would like to introduce you all to Imani Batts, creator of catherinetrendz! I had the wonderful opportunity in interviewing Imani last week as she so graciously shared the story behind one of her looks! Imani, is such a beautiful soul and it was an absolute pleasure working with her. You can listen to her full interview on my Instagram page under the IGTV tab but for now, check out this dope look and read more about her journey with creating catherinetrendz!

"My thrifting journey started in high school. One of my friends at the time introduced me to a nearby thrift store, and I never turned back.

The Story Behind the Look was fun, colorful, and 90’s vibes. 90’s sitcoms truly inspired this look. I wanted to style myself as if I am getting ready for a scene in the show. I felt like “THAT CHICK” while wearing this cool fit.

A piece of advice on starting a business or thrifting is to, KEEP GOING!!! Start now & keep going. Lord knows where you’ll be in several months by being consistent with yourself and your business."

Imani Batts

IG: @catherinetrendz

There you have it folks, "Story Behind the Look" by Imani Batts, also known as catherinetrendz! Isn't this look dope?! Y'all know I'm a sucker for colors and the way she paired the jacket and shirt together is too fly! I love it! Thank you so much Imani for sharing your story and your journey with us. We appreciate you! If you are looking for some dope revamped pieces follow her on IG. She will definitely get you right! Until next time Queens, words from Imani...Keep Going!

-Vintage Black Girl

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