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Introducing, Mrs. Brandy Russell!

What’s up, Kings and Queens? Welcome to Story Behind the Look! I hope you all are well and taking good care of yourselves. This week has been good. I was able to work on some content, do some school visits and practice self-care. This is the first week in a long time that I was able to manage all three and not be exhausted. I’m learning how to balance my personal and professional life so much better. Nonetheless, let's get into this weeks "Story Behind the Look!" Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Brandy aka Damncoacoa! Y’all this woman is amazing! When I first launched SBL she was one of the first Queens to purchase something from me, all the way from Las Vegas! I interacted with her via Instagram casually from time to time and she just gave me a vibe. She gave me “I’m that chic and I know it!” Very-personable, open, transparent and real! If you know me, I love genuine, like-minded people. Brandy graciously allowed me to interview her to talk about one of her published looks! She enjoys secondhand shopping however she's a stylist first! Okkkk! Get into it!

I’ve always had a love for fashion. Once I got older I realized money doesn’t grow on trees and started thrifting in college when it was absolutely necessary. Haha! I always had a love for vintage style (90’s,80’s, 70’s). Chain stores are always trying to replicate vintage style but the quality is almost always POOR or just a big FAIL overall ! It wasn’t until I was living in Tokyo, Japan when I really realized the amount of money you can make from reselling ! I then started my blog in 2015 (Coacoasoul). It wasn’t until 2017 when I started selling my pieces and started my boutique “Damncoacoa”.

I choose my published look with model Ashley Moore. I choose this look because it gotten recognized on a professional level and the entire look was maybe $20. Lol I knew the vibe and theme I wanted for the shoot and went in the thrift store with that in my mind. Plus, it’s one of a kind. This is a big personal accomplishment for me because it confirmed that my visions and creativity is valid. And I don’t need a school or “professional” to create magic ! The magic is within me!

Advice I’d give a thrifter.

1. Have PATIENCE. No look comes easy.

2. Go into the thrift store already KNOWING what you want. You’ll ended up leaving out the store with a lot of “I’ll figure it out” pieces and “idk what to do with this” pieces aka a whole bunch of nothing. Lol

3. You have to have some sense of style. It’s the only way you’ll go into a store with “throwaways” and come out with “runway” looks!

There you have it folks, Story Behind the Look! Isn’t she just lovely? This look was inspired by creativity and love for secondhand shopping. Which ultimately led her work to be published on the cover a magazine! Awesome! Brandy said it best y’all, “The magic is within me!” which is true. The power is within you, just do it. Stop fearing the unknown, believe in yourself and do the damn thing. She did. I hope you all enjoyed this read and was encouraged. Until next time, wipe off the dust to your long-term plans and get started today…you never know how far it will take you. Be well, fam!

-Vintage Black Girl

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