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Introducing, Mrs. Tomasina the Sequins Queen!

What's up, Queens?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! I hope yall are doing well. What's new? What's tea? Yall know I work in the education field and we just went back to school this week and I am already stressed outtttt! LOL! But I love the work I do so I won't complain. But enough about me, are yall ready to meet another Thrift Queen? She's so amazing yall and she definitely has a story to tell! Ladies, meet Tomasina as she shares the Story Behind her Look!

Tell us more about your thrifting journey. When did you start thrifting? etc.

I love thrifting! I started thrifting when I was a teenager with my mom we would go to different thrift and consignment shops. I loved it there, that's where my love for prints and different textures started.

Tell us the Story Behind your Look.

I'm all about the glitz, glam and fun looks! I got this gorgeous dress from Poshmark a few years back. I saw it and knew right away it had to be mine. I paired it with a gold lion belt I thrifted and green thong heels from Ego. I collect sequins items and have for the last 16 years! I have some amazing pieces!!

Advice you would give to another Queen about anything?

My advice to a fellow Queen would be to never give up on your dreams no matter how old you are! Age doesn't mean a thing as long as you have faith, dedication, and hard work with mental and physical breaks you will get there!!

So there you have it fam, Story Behind the Look! Thank you so much Tomasina for sharing your story with us! I am a lover of sequins. How about you? Do you own a sequins item? I want to challenge every woman to have at least one item in their closet. They are such a statement piece! Also, I love the advice Tomasina left us with..."never give up on your dreams no matter how old you are!" Whew, that's a word! Until next time, continue to take care of yourselves and stop getting in your own way!

-Vintage Black Girl

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