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Introducing, Ms. Bre Woods!

What's up, Kings and Queens?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! When I first started SBL, I had no idea how many people were apart of the thrifting community. I only followed one person who enjoys thrifting and fashion, no lie! Now, I follow over 100 resellers. Ahh, its such a beautiful thing to find so many women and men who share your same passion. Today, I want to introduce you to Bre Woods. She is from Columbia, South Carolina and we met via Instagram. Y'all, Bre is so dope! Her spirit, her fashion, her personality, her support is so amazing. She was the first person I interacted with in our thrifting world and she was so personably. We instantly clicked with one another. Because of her unique style and personality, I decided to ask her to interview with SBL to discuss one of her looks and she agreed! Y'all know I struggle asking for help but I'm so happy I did. Check out Bre's story! “I was first introduced to the thrifting world in 2009 by my mom. My love for thrifting emerged from my love for fashion. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved to experiment with different patterns, colors, and textures. My parents allowed me to truly express my creativity through my clothing. They encouraged me by giving me that freedom to create my own style and through that I was able to develop my love for fashion. "This look truly made me feel FIERCE! I felt like I was on my grown woman status in this look. I did not want to be the traditional bridesmaid wearing the typical dress. I wanted that classy aspect of being a bridesmaid. My look was inspired by the monochromatic trend. I wanted to make a subtle but bold statement through my outfit. When thrifting remember to be patient and have FUN!"

Wow! Amazing, right?! She looked so bomb! Oh, did I mention that Bre thrifted this entire outfit from head to toe. The two-piece suit, top, purse and shoes! DOPE! And her earrings came from the hair store! Talk about balling on a budget because Sis was a fine ass bridesmaid! LOL Just take a second to think about it, she was given the ability to wear whatever she wanted in her cousins wedding and this was the look she chose, which cost her $1! Yes, this two piece pants suit cost $1. This is truly a great "Story Behind the Look". I'm so grateful for Bre for joining us and sharing her story. Next time you're looking for a nice outfit to wear to a gala, wedding or ball go to the thrift store first sis! Save yourself some money! Until next time SBL fam!

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Vintage Black Girl

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