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"It made me happy!"

What's up, Kings and Queens? Welcome to Story Behind the Look! I hope this week has been treating you well. We're days away from the weekend and I'm really looking forward to it. I've already planned my weekend and its not even here yet LOL. I know often times life gets crazy but try to prioritize yourself. You're worth it!

This week I'm going to take you back to November 6, 2019! Back when COVID-19 wasn't even a thought. We had Staff Dress Down at my job and babeee I took control over that opportunity. I was so hype to show up to work as Erica Shervon and not "Erica, the Director"! I had just recently been gifted the sneakers and knew for sure I wanted to wear those but I just needed a outfit! Later, while looking through my closet, I found this yellow polka dot skirt that I thrifted some time ago and immediately thought "This is it!" I paired it with this dope crew neck from H&M and a white collar button-up shirt! I was so hype about wearing this outfit to work LOL! It screamed my personality and often times many don't really get to see that side of me at work. That night I remember sending a photo to my brother asking his thoughts and he loved it, of course! I wanted to go for a chill but I know I'm at work look LOL and this was it! I loved how well the polka dot skirt paired so well with the printed shirt. The colors from my sneakers, the skirt and the print from the top definitely balanced each other out! Y'all know how I feel about colors! Also, because I work with young adults I thought the crew neck was very appropriate to wear to work considering it stated "Youth Tribe"! I decided the white collar shirt because I wanted my look to make a statement. I wanted to showcase my version of casual dress down day! This outfit was sooooo good and I loved it so much! It was a LOOK! Lastly, I was so happy all day this day. I'm not sure if it was because of dress down day, I was looking good, I was wearing yellow or what but it was definitely a great day!

As you can see I had no idea what outfit I was going to pair with those sneakers. I literally just looked in my closet and pulled out whatever I found and made it happen. I didn't think twice about the outfit being too loud in color. I thought about a statement, my personality, who I truly am outside of work clothes. It worked for me and I know it can work for you too! I hope you all enjoyed this read and please feel free to ask me any questions on styling or thrifting. Have a great rest of your week fam!

-Vintage Black Girl

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