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It's the MELANIN for me!

In full transparency, I have no clue where I bought this shirt from but I love it! Caliché Collection has the best multicolored vintage button up shirts. Majority of their shirt designs are abstract, tribal and geo-shaped patterns. This type of print is always what I look for when I go thrifting! Many of their clothing items are full of loud colors which goes so well with my Melanin! Get into this skin y'all, get into it!! This is one of the shirts that you can’t help but to repeat and wear over and over again. It’s something about the design that brings me back to it every time. This shirt is a medium and it also has shoulder pads!  The first time I wore it was two years ago while in LA (I took all the 🔥 outfits to Los Angeles)! On this day I visited The KNOW Contemporary, a black owned art museum but babeee I thought I was the ART! The museum had many white walls and on my way out I had a full blown photoshoot! It was the shirt y’all! I looked so good in those radiant colors and the yellow beret just made my look more fierce! Although, you can’t tell I did have on some black shorts, LOL! We explored all over Los Angeles that day and every place we went I felt care-free, beautiful and authentic!  I’ve worn this shirt several times but this by far is one of my favorite looks! So there you have it folks, a little #TBT “Story Behind the Look”! What’s one of your Throwback Thursday Looks? How did it make you feel? Where did you go?! Share some of your looks and your story in the comments! Let’s chat! Thanks for reading...until next time friends✨ -Vintage Black Girl 

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