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It's the details for me!

What's up, Queens and Kings?! Welcome back to Story Behind the Look! I hope you all are well and didn't miss me too much! Before we get into this look, I want to take the time to acknowledge the loss of Ma'Khia Bryant. It is so unfortunate that this young woman lost her life to a white police officer. Not to mention the murder took place on the same day the black community celebrated the accountability that took place for George Floyd's murder. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry for the trauma we are forced to witness daily and I pray God continues to be with the victims’ families during these times. RIP George and Ma'Khia.

Summer is almost here and babeeee, I cannot wait! This look is giving me spring/summertime fine! Let's get into this look! Of course, the entire outfit is thrifted! But the funny thing is I found them at different times. I found the skirt last month and the shirt last week. I had no idea how I wanted to style the skirt so I held on to it for a while. However, as soon as I found this top I instantly knew how I was going to style it. I love mixing print. Although this outfit has the same prints, it has different colors. Polka dots are also my favorite! I love the blend of soft and light colors! Whew! It's a look y'all! I decided to pair this outfit with my Nike's because they gave the look more life! The colorway of the shoes went nice with the entire look! I also decided to wear these multi-color earrings as well, which paired really nicely together! I love this outfit so much and I haven't even really worn it yet, LOL! I only wore it for pictures but I'm definitely going to have it back on next week while traveling out of town, so if you see me, just smile and keep it going, LOL! My entire outfit cost $8.00! The skirt was $5.00 and the top was $3.00! My shoes and earrings were gifted! Talk about looking fly on a budget!

So there you have it folks, "Story Behind the Look"! I love thrifting so much! It gives me the creative freedom to do and wear whatever I want. Like, can you believe I purchased this look for $8.00?! It's so cute and fun! I hope you all are encouraged to do more secondhand shopping. Understand that you do not have to wear items exactly how you find them, you can always make them your own. That's the beauty of fashion! I hope you all enjoyed this read and don't forget if you ever need any advice or have any questions, let me know. Until next time folks, be safe out there!

-Vintage Black Girl

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