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It's the two piece set for me!

What's up, Kings and Queens?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! I hope you all are well and taking care of yourselves. Before we jump into the story today, quick question, when was the last time you showed gratitude for someone or something?! Did you vocalize it, write a note, send a gift? If you don't have an answer to either question, that's okay. Stop reading this right now and take two seconds to show gratitude to someone or to yourself. I'll wait! Words of kindness can go a long way. Today, I'm going to share what I'm grateful for.

So remember that time I visited my grandma and we went thrifting together? Well, I found this dope outfit that day! As I've mentioned before, colors, floral prints and patterns always catch my eye when thrifting. When I saw this blazer, I knew it was something that I wanted. When I took it down from the rack, I noticed that there was a shirt to match! GAME CHANGER! Whether I could fit it or not, I was buying this set. I have never found a matching blazer/top set before so this was a huge win for me! I immediately sent pictures to my brother to get his opinion on it and he agreed and told me to buy it, LOL! However, when I showed the set to my grandma, she was not with it, LOL! She suggested that I just buy the shirt and not the blazer. She thought it was "too much". She didn't think I should buy nor wear both together. I'm like "Sisssss, this is too fire and its only $8!" She didn’t care, lol. However, as long as I was happy, so was she. I bought the set!

I've worn this outfit twice. It's definitely one of those outfits that you wear once a year because its so unique! Each time I wore it, I always dressed it down with some black slacks and my black and white vans. I love going for a business casual look and this was it! There are no rules in least not for me, LOL! Pair your outfits with whatever you like! What I love about this set is I can choose different ways to wear it. I've worn the shirt to work before without the blazer and I’ve worn the blazer with a white cami as well. You can do so much with this set. However, my favorite way to wear together! It's just something about the matching patterns and vintage look that makes the outfit stand out. Not to mention, the colors from the flowers radiates my complexion (winks eye)! Listen, shoutout to Goodwill! I am so grateful for this gift of thrifting and being able to find things that influences my personality. Things that help define me. Things that are unique. Thrifting is a lifestyle! It is for me and I am grateful for it!

There you have it fam, "Story Behind the Look". The next time you go shopping and you find a gem that you think is cute but you second guess it because it’s "too much", BUY IT! Again, there are no rules in fashion. Do you boo! Dare to be different. I mean that in all aspects of your life. We only have one life to live so we may as well live it with grace and love. I started this post by asking you to express what you’re grateful for. It's important that we don’t forget to recognize the things that help us walk in our truth, that helps us to understand who we are, that helps us to get through the day. Give gratitude!

-Vintage Black Girl

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