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Make Fashion Fun!

What's up, King's and Queen's?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! Hope you all are well and enjoying the first few days of the New Year! I hope that you all are blessed with all the things your heart desires. I will leave you all with this before we jump into this blog posting. Make sure you do the work! You can manifest the things you want in your life as long as you do the work!

This week's look was shot by my friend Amber! She's an amazing friend and an even better photographer! Follow her on Instagram @theebeholder! We took this photo in the art district near lots of aesthetics, which was perfect for the look I was going for. I thrifted this romper in 2015. I couldn't find a picture but I remember wearing it out with my friends, Julia and Shani! I held on to it for years because I thought it was a very unique piece. It gives me very much sailor vibes with a twist! I wanted to dress it up to match my personality and to create a LOOK! The first time I wore this romper I did not have a belt however I felt like this time the belt really made the look. Shoutout to my girl Bre for this well designed anchored belt which paired perfectly with the anchor symbol on the front pocket of the romper. This time I decided to wear gold open toe shoes and gold accessories. Oh, did I mention it has pockets?! WIN! I really love the uniqueness of this outfit. This photo also makes me look tall and I appreciate that as well LOL! Standing up on the second floor looking down in the camera with this outfit on, I felt like a Boss! This was a great day and a great photoshoot!

So there you have it folks, Story Behind the Look! I always grab the most unique things from the thrift store. I go for things that I think people would look over or not wear. It gives me the drive to add value and potential to the outfit and that's exactly what I did with this look. Make fashion fun! I hope you all enjoyed this read and left inspired to do the work and bring creativity to your wardrobe in whatever way you want. Love y'all!

-Vintage Black Girl

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