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Meet Brittany, Creator of "The Fit by Britt"

What's up Queens?! Welcome back to Story Behind the Look! Omg, I missed yall! I hope you all have been taking good care of yourselves and continuing to love on yourself daily. I took some time off from blogging because I was focusing on creating content for my Instagram page. Transparently, it's hard trying to maintain a business while also working a 9-5 and maintaining a personal life…but God! I'm still figuring it out while giving myself grace as well. But in any news, WE'RE BACKKKK! Today I want to introduce you all to Brittany, the founder and creator of "The Fit by Britt"! Brittany curates vintage and modern pieces to give you a look you never thought of! She is so dope y'all and I'm so happy we crossed paths and have become really close friends. She is definitely one of a kind, who I feel like I will be stuck with for life! Enjoy this read as Brittany tells us the Story Behind "her" Look!

Tell us about your thrifting journey...

I began thrifting in a somewhat unconventional way. I would go to rummage sales every Saturday with my granny and great aunts. I loved digging & finding treasures whether it be clothing or houseware. This began as early as age 9. When I was in high school, I began going to physical thrift stores with my mom. I was really into this mom & pop store and Plato's Closet. This transferred into college and my adult life. I thrift mainly to stand out in unique and vintage items. I also thrift because I am passionate about sustainability & the environment.

Tell us the Story Behind "Your" Look.

The picture I chose has 3 layers to unfold. To start, this was probably the outfit I had the most compliments in. I recall a little girl who looked like me, complexion-wise, saying I looked like a Disney princess. She even hugged me & said, "goodbye, princess". Old & young people gave me compliments. The second layer is the creativity of it all. I picked a slip dress from the sleepwear section and styled it as a skirt. The last layer is the sustainability and connection to my mom. I found a shirt that I loved but it was ruined. My mom helped me stitch it together. The essence of family and getting something others would throw away is one of the great elements of the story behind this look.

What's a piece of advice you would give to another small business owner.

Don’t rush into your business and ultimately your success. Starting a business is hard and maintaining a business is even harder. Those moments when you doubt yourself or waiver, just standstill. Allow yourself that time to grow, learn and overcome. Don’t compare yourself to others because comparison is the enemy and thief of joy. Everyone has their season and what is meant for you will be for you. Lastly, find your passion and hone in on that. No matter the trials, your passion for what you’re doing will get you to the finish line.

There you have it folks, Story Behind the Look! Whew, what a story! Can you imagine the impact Brittany left on that child? Being able to see a "Princess" in real life who looked just like her? Powerful! I'm so happy Brittany was able to share her story with us. She looked absolutely beautiful in her thrifted slip skirt and shirt. Talk about the power of sustainability. So many people probably thought her outfit cost thousands of dollars, not knowing it was pre-loved! As you all continue to thrive in your greatness, take a piece from Brittany's book, love yourself unapologetically and stop comparing yourself to others. “Comparison is the enemy and the thief of joy!” Until next time folks, peace and love!

-Vintage Black Girl

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