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Meet the Vintage Black Girl!

Hello, my fellow Kings and Queens! I'm Erica, also known as Vintage Black Girl. Thank you for taking time out to join the SBL family. If you know me, you know I love thrifting! You may be wondering why. Why is it so significant for her? Well, I started thrifting my sophomore year in college. Winston Salem State University to be exact! As you can see, I am a very dark-skinned woman and growing up no one allowed me to forget it. I was bullied and called names my entire life, even in college. However, while at WSSU, I found the Vintage Black Girl. I remember walking out of the cafe one day and this girl said, "Damn, she black as hell". I initially kept walking because that was what I was use to doing. However, something said "No, Erica" and I immediately knew I needed to say something. I needed to stand up for myself. I turned around and I said "thank you!" with a pleasant smile. That's it, nothing else and I walked away. Her friends started laughing and she just looked shocked at my response. I'm assuming because she wasn't expecting me to say anything back. That was the day I decided to let those words from her and my childhood strengthen me into the AMAZING woman I am today! I always knew I was different and stood out from others because of my complexion, so I decided to give the world something else to look at besides my attire! I figured I would give folks the opportunity to understand me and my personality through how I dressed! Or to give them another reason to talk about me (deep sigh). Nonetheless, I had to make a difference for myself! I had to change my mindset. I had to let the world know exactly who Erica was. I had to change MY narrative. I knew I was more than a black face. I was more than the dark-skinned girl with glasses. I was more than the girl who allowed people to pick on her. I was more than the girl who believed every negative word someone shouted at her. I had to understand that no matter how others made me feel, I was a child of God and He made me exactly how He wanted me to be. Once I realized that, I stepped into the world of Erica, the Vintage Black Girl. I found my identity through fashion, through clothing, through colors, through patterns, through art, through history, through thrifting! I remember my first thrifting experience, it was a Thursday night, around 6 pm. I had just gotten out of class and the Goodwill closed at 8pm. I knew I had to rush because I was determined to go that exact day! I didn't have any clue what I was looking for. I was just looking for something that described Erica. It was the best thrifting experience ever! I found 2 jackets, 3 shirts and a beautiful vintage floral purse! It was amazing! That night I felt happy, new, excited, alive, loved...I was finally beginning to live in my truth authentically without caring what anyone thought of me.

Thrifting is apart of my life, its a lifestyle! It's what I do to self care, to appreciate myself, to love myself, to embrace my beauty, to go back into time, to be free, to inspire, to encourage, to be me! So y'all, that's my why, my reason, my story.

Story Behind The Look is a platform for me to share my story and looks with you...but also a place for you to share your story with me! This is a space to share, love, and inspire others to acknowledge their differences and celebrate their greatness. I'll be taking you back in time with my style, while giving you tips and words of wisdom on thrifting! We are all different with a story to share. What makes you different? What inspires you? What makes you stand out? What are you most proud of ? How do you self-care? How do you appreciate yourself? What makes you happy? Whats the Story Behind Your Look?

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Keyantae Westbrook
Keyantae Westbrook
Jul 25, 2020

Love it ! ❤️


Rob LaRay
Rob LaRay
Jul 23, 2020

I love this! ✨

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