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Mind your OWN business!

What's up, King and Queens?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! How y'all feeling? Ready for the Holidays?! I know, I am! I don't even have plans but I'm just excited to see other people excitement, especially the children. I won't be travelling home this year so I'll probably prepare myself to feed the homeless or partner with a toy drive organization. Nonetheless, I hope that you all have a Happy Holiday season! Please be safe.

Let's get into the look of the week! The last two months I've been attending a lot of pop-up shops. The last one I attended, I ran across this awesome Queen who sold me this shirt. After, viewing all of the other items she had, I knew I had to have this T-shirt LOL! This has been the year that folks have been minding other folks business honey and I'm not here for it LOL! I love a good T-shirt anyway. I can literally wear them everyday. On this day, I went to brunch with two of my colleagues. I knew I wanted to wear something fancy but comfortable at the same time. So I decided to wear this T-shirt because I knew I wanted to also wear this thrifted mustard skirt as well. It went perfectly together and if gave me the vibe I was looking for. Fancy, cute and comfortable. Oh, I bought the skirt from Goodwill for $6. Originally, I had on my black and white vans but I looked too short LOL due to the length of the skirt. I rarely wear heels but since I hadn't been outside in a while, so I went for it. These cheetah print heels were also thrifted for $8! It was the perfect fit for me. Don't ever be afraid to mix prints, make it work for you! Lastly, I had to bring out old faithful! Y'all know this is my favorite vintage clutch and it paired so well with my outfit! This was a great day! I honestly felt like a boss walking in Midtown because I haven't wore a skinny heel like that in a while LOL! It was a look for me!

So, there you have it folks "Story Behind the Look"! This was a fun outfit. It reminded me that no matter what you have, how much it cost you can always put something together and make it look amazing! Fashion is not only what you wear but how it makes you feel as well! I love what I do. I love my taste in fashion, style, thrifting and vintage items. It works for me. It's my thing. Often times I get dressed without a place to go and I be okay with that LOL! Thank you all so much for rocking out with me for as long as you have. I hope you all leave this space inspired and encouraged to do what works for you and to live your life the way you want to no matter who might be minding your business! Be well fam...

-Vintage Black Girl

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1 commentaire

monika jade dixon
monika jade dixon
14 janv. 2021

oml i need the shirt😂😂😂😂

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