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Not a Sweatsuit, Sis!

Hello my fellow Kings and Queens! Welcome back to "Story Behind the Look"! Today, I'm going to share the story behind this Nike windbreaker sweatsuit! Who says you can’t dress up a sweatsuit? Who says you can’t wear a sweatsuit in Florida? Who says you can’t be loud and fierce at the same time? I bought this outfit two years ago from my FAVORITE thirft shop in Hialeah, FL, Flamingo Plaza. Yes, two years ago! I have been holding on to it until I found the right time to wear it. But first, let me tell you about Flamingo Plaza! It is simply the best. This plaza has three different stores with all your vintage needs and the stores are HUGE!

Okay, okay back to the outfit. So I have always wanted a windbreaker sweatsuit but I could never find exactly what I was looking for. As you all may know by now, I love loud, bright colors. Its just my thing! On the day I thrifted this outfit, I noticed the two toned color pattern first. I immediately got excited and grabbed it off of the rack. Guess how much it was? $12! Yep, I know. Great price right? When thrifting, the first thing you do is look for the size because if it’s smaller than your size, you will be disappointed LOL but you can always work with bigger sized clothing (i.e. the romper from my first post). Lucky for me it was a medium! I was hyped! I didn't look for the price, I didn't look for any rips, nothing! I was buying this sweatsuit! I had no idea where I would wear it or when I would wear it but I knew I had to buy it.

I always thought I would wear this sweatsuit to a 80's or 90's party! I've literally been waiting for someone to invite me to one, just so I could wear this fit, LOL! I had the shoes and accessories already planned in my head. Nonetheless, the day I wore this outfit I originally had on sneakers but when I looked in the mirror, I was like "Naaaa, this ain’t it!" I looked over and saw my clear heels (birdman hand rub). I tried them on with the outfit, threw on some earrings, fixed my hair and boom, it was a LOOK! I loved it! The material was fine, its wasn't itchy or sticky to my skin. It was loud when I walked though LOL but I truly loved this look. I felt like a fine ass athlete, LOL! It just felt so right. It was different. It was cute! It was me!

So there you have it folks, The "Story Behind the Look"! Hope you all enjoyed and are continuing to find new ways to love yourself unconditionally. Challenge yourself daily to be different. There isn't a rule book stating that we are all meant to be the same. Do you! Don't ever let the opinion of others or societal norms dictate who you are and who desire to be. Write the book. Apply to college. Sign up for that class. Write the song. Order the camera. Create the Youtube channel. Start the website. Buy the Food Truck. Do what works for YOU!

Don't forget to comment and ask me questions below.

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