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Patterns and Prints!

What’s up, Kings and Queens?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! Before we talk about me, let’s talk about you! How are you? What’s new? Have you been taking care of yourself? Have you been protecting your personal peace? Have you been checking yourself as much as you check other people? Are you practicing self love? Because that’s the root of this website. I love you and I want to ensure you are appreciating and loving yourself wholehearted through your own lens, not the lens of others. That’s what I’m doing. I just found an authentic, creative, free way to share the love I have for myself through fashion. Before you leave this page, show yourself gratitude by sharing an affirmation with us! 

Let’s get into it! Today my look was inspired by a good friend, Ms. Alexa Reichbaum! Alexa also has a love for thrifting and often, she finds something for me. i.e. this shirt! She bought this shirt for me maybe 4 years ago and I still wear it to this day! Thanks Queen! It fits pretty big but that’s what gives me the LOOK! This shirt is very unique! As you can see, the pattern is only on the sleeves, collar and pocket, which to me makes a statement! It gives the shirt so much expression! Oh! Not to mention every button has a different pattern as well...FIRE! Sis knew what she was doing when she bought this shirt for me. When I wear it, I go for a chill but cute look. I typically wear it to Getty's, which is a social gathering with friends or out to Wynwood, the art district here in Miami, so I can get a dope picture! When I wear this shirt it always gives me the confidence I need for the day especially if I’m not feeling well or going through something. I always try to dress it up with either some black boots or some platform shoes! Shoutout to my brother, Rob LaRay, for these Madden Girl leopard print platforms! I absolutely adore them and thought they were a perfect match with this outfit! So here’s the thing, don’t ever be afraid to wear multiple prints or patterns! Wear what you want to wear!! These shoes gave the shirt so much life and to me was the perfect match! I decided to pair the shirt with some black biker shorts. I knew I was rocking two different patterns so I wanted to keep the bottom simple to keep the attention on the shirt and shoe.

So there you have it, the “Story Behind the Look”! Thank you so much for visiting, I truly appreciate my loyal readers. I really hope you are encouraged and motivated to appreciate yourself more and share your story no matter your complexion, insecurities, past, haters, low self esteem, etc. You are worth it and you can do anything you want to do! So let’s leave with some affirmations. I’ll share and you share in the comment box or to yourself. Whatever works for you. “I affirm that I am worthy of all things and I believe in the plan that God has over my life.” Until next time SBL Family✨

-Vintage Black Girl 

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