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Pinned to my head!

What's up, Queens and Kings?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! How y'all feeling?! Y'all alright?! I'm still trying to process how I'm feeling today, honestly. I've been super busy this week with work. I enjoy staying busy because it keeps my mind off of other things. I've been feeling like I'm going too fast. It's like I'm too far ahead of myself. Does that make sense?! Probably not lol but yea that's where I am. I hope you all are well.

Lets get into this LOOK, honeyyyyyy! Shoutout to my homegirl Alex, for this dope top that she gifted me for Christmas! I absolutely love it! She knows my style so well. Thanks boo! So y'all, I outdid myself with this outfit LOL! I loved it so much. About two weekends ago my friend came into town and of course I had to hang out with him. I haven't gotten dressed dressed in so long, so yes I was definitely overdressed! As soon as I got to his airbnb, he said "Sussss, now where you going?!" LOL! I'm overdressing all 2021! I knew we weren't going anywhere too fancy but I still wanted to look like somebody and I did! I decided to pair this beautiful top with some black pants, belt, beret and a open-toe shoe! Creating this look was tough though, LOL! My brother wanted me to wear a different shoe but I was not feeling it. It was a blue bootie. It was cute but I thought the black open-toe was cuter, so I went with it! I also wanted to wear a beret because my hair wasn't done, LOL! I had this idea in my head how I wanted to wear it but I wasn't too positive if I could master it. So let me tell you how I styled the beret on my head. I wore it like a hair clip. I used two bobby pins, attached them on the sides of the beret and clipped it to my hair! Can you believe that?! It was very secure and gave me the artistic look I wanted! I was cuteeeee honey! I didn't want to wear the beret but I did want it on my head, LOL! I enjoyed this look so much and got so many questions about it. People thought I was from out of town, LOL! I also loved belting this top as well and the clutch finished the look I was aiming for!

So, there you have it folks, Story Behind the Look! This photo is going down as one of my favorite pics! It was just so much creativity in this look! I felt amazing. I felt like royalty! Shoutout to my friends who understands me and knows my style. It's y'all fault I'm the way I am LOL! Thank you for pushing me and encourgaing me daily to live in my colorful truth!

-Vintage Black Girl

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