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Shirt or Dress?!

What's up, Kings and Queens?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! I hope you all are well and have been taking care of yourselves. Before we get into todays post, I want you all to think about a person who knows you well, who appreciates your purpose, who thinks about you when they see your favorite flower etc. Once, you have that person in your mind, take some time to text them and just say thank you. Those people you want to keep in your corner, those people have a fond interest in you, those people admire you, those people love you. Keep them around. It's the small things for me! Today's post is inspired by that person who does that for me. Bri, called me one day last week and said "Hey, there is this thrift store by my job that is going out of business and I immediately thought about you!" This meant so much and she even offered to go with me. The outfit that I'm wearing in this picture was from our thrift haul. I bought sooooo much stuff and it was such a great experience for Bri and I.

King Bri, thank you for thinking of me!

Okay, am I wearing a Shirt or Dress?! What y'all think? Yea, it's definitely a shirt! When I first saw this shirt I was obviously in love with the colors! I was also impressed with the material of the shirt as well. It was very lite. I took it off the rack and examined it a little and said "I can do something with this!" I figured I could make this oversized button up shirt into a dress or a more fashionable shirt. I bought it for $1, although the original cost was $6! The Story Behind the Look for this outfit was literally inspired in the store! I immediately knew how I wanted to wear this shirt. I saw the black belt, the black boots and the black shades all in my head. I saw it and I had to bring my vision to life. While preparing for this photoshoot, I couldn't find my black boots. I was getting so frustrated because I wanted those shoes, and those shoes only. The last time I wore them was in February for my birthday, so I knew they had to be in my apartment somewhere. Then I checked my suitcase that I travelled with and there they were! Whew! I was so excited! I wanted to go for a "Tall" look and I knew the boots would help with that. Being 5'3, its hard trying to look tall LOL! Which is what inspired me to wear my hair up, instead of down as well. Once I was done getting dressed, the exact look I imagined in my head a week ago while in the store had come to life. It was perfect! It was everything I envisioned it to be. I felt like this outfit was good for a Sunday Funday with the girls or a night out to a lounge. It was a vibe, my vibe!

So there you have it folks, Story Behind the Look! I love getting dressed and moreso in clothes that speak to who I am as a person. It's fun, its therapeutic. However, what I appreciate the most is the fact that my friends contribute to my fun! They know what I like and recommend things for me, just as Bri did. If she didn't know me, she would have never sent me that text about visiting the thrift store nor would I have had the opportunity to take advantage of a thrift store going out of business. Not to mention, because we went on the last day, everything was $1. Yea, $1 !! If you haven't done so by now, don't forget to text your person and simply thank them for investing in your interest. These people are rare and we love to see it! If YOU are that person, from me to you, I appreciate you. Continue to shed light on others and be the best friend, person you can be. Love y'all!

-Vintage Black Girl

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