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Stop Shooting Us!

What's up, Kings and Queens?! Welcome back to Story Behind the Look! Today for Throwback Thursday, I will be sharing the story behind the look for this vintage designer jacket that I bought 3 years ago...but most importantly, I’ll share why I decided to pose in front of this sign.

I purchased this vintage windbreaker jacket from one of the many Goodwills here in Miami back in 2017. What I love the most about this jacket is the different shades of blue and the patterns. They are so fun and abstract. I love the different variety of shapes on the jacket as well. If you pay close attention to the details, you will see leaves, circles, zig zags and diamonds, which I think gives the jacket so much personality! It fits kind of big on me which is fine because I typically don't like my clothing too fitting. After a year of wearing the jacket, I realized it was from Saks Fifth Avenue, which might explain why it was $25, which was a great deal! I truly love this jacket!

I know you are probably wondering..."When do you wear a jacket? You live in Miami!" HAHA! I mostly where this jacket when I travel back home to North Carolina or here in Miami around December/January, when the temperature starts to drop. On this night, I was in Wynwood, the Art District in Miami, with friends. It was a crisp December night so I decided to bring out the jacket. I always try to wear something vintage and bright when I go to Wynwood because of the beautiful art. However, on this night my friends and I ran into this sign. We all immediately stopped and started taking pictures. However, for me it was such a surreal moment. I read the sign and immediately got sad. It hurt to know that an amazing artist had to create this sign due to all the violence against the black community. To think we have been going through this for 400+ years and it’s still happening today...just sad. I was actually in my feelings so I decided to bend down using the prayer hands. Its important to me that I continue to pray for black people. We are the most oppressed people in this world, especially the black woman. It’s important for me to do my part, in hopes for justice. It’s important for me to show black people that we are enough. Its important for me to protest every chance I get.

"Stop Shooting Us"! I want to bring awareness around this sign. This is our reality and its fucked up! Three days ago, Jacob Blake was shot in the back 7 times and has been pronounced paralyzed from the waist down. There is no excuse for this and I pray that he is paralyzed temporarily and soon will have a complete recovery. I pray this prayer because God can do anything and because he deserves to walk again. He deserves to run around the yard with his children, he deserves to dance with his mom, he deserves to run with his sisters, he deserves to walk again.

The "Story Behind the Look" changed that night. I arrived feeling free and ready to have a good time but I left sad and praying for change. So this weeks blog post is for everyone who has been shot or murdered from the hands of law enforcement. Jacob, George, Philando, Eric, Breonna, Tamir, Freddy, Ahmaud, Trayvon, Emmett, Sandra, Oscar, Rayshard and others...I'm sorry. Thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoyed this weeks post. Let’s continue to uplift the black community and be active participants for change. Until next time fam...peace.

-Vintage Black Girl

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