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Taking it back to the 99 and 2000!

What's up, Kings and Queens?! I hope you all are having an amazing Thursday! We're one day away from the weekend! Today we’re going to throw it back. I will be sharing the "Story Behind the Look" for a outfit I wore in May of 2018!

You all know, I've been thrifting for a while and believe it or not, I bought this shirt when I was in college. I got it from the same Goodwill in Winston Salem, NC, down the street from my college. That location gave me some lifetime gems. I've literally had the shirt for nine years and I still wear it. It’s the bright colors and pattern for me!! They compliment my skin tone so well. I love that this shirt has one signature button on the top and the rest of the buttons are hidden. Its a size 8 and 100% polyester. I love the way it fits me. I purchased the skirt from a Goodwill here in Miami. You can’t tell in this picture but it was actually too big. But per usual, because I liked it so much, I bought it. Anything polka dot is a win for me but since it was so big, I had to sew it up in the back to get the perfect fit.

So what made you put these two pieces together, E? Well y'all, I'm not even sure but it worked, LOL! In May of 2018, my friend Alex and I took a celebratory trip to Los Angeles because I had just earned my masters degree. As I was packing, I saw both pieces and decided to make them pair. I had never worn them together before but the contrast of the colors and patterns looked so cool. I immediately tried it on and I LOVED it! So, I said "this is going to be one of my LA outfits." Because it was my first time going, I had to make sure I was fly! LA was so much fun!! On our last day there, we attended a brunch and because of the advertisement of the event, we knew it was going to be LIT. I saved this outfit just for that. Just like any other group of girls, we had a full on photo shoot in the parking lot before entering the brunch! That’s where this dope picture was captured. S/O to Alex or Sohna who took the picture!

I love, love, love this outfit! Again, it was the colors and patterns that stood out to me. I had never worn patterns together like this. I had always thought of doing so, so I decided to take my chance when planning the trip to LA. Now, I will be honest and say I thought about what people would say or if I would get some disgusted stares but I didn't care. I loved the outfit. I liked how it looked and how it made me feel, so I went for it. I felt like a blank character in a coloring book who one day used every color in the crayon box to color herself in. It was a LOOK! I accessorized it with some yellow sunglasses that I purchased from USA flea market and these gold platform shoes from Barefoot, which is now closed (sad face).

This was a fun day because I was in LA with friends and at an amazing day party! The outfit made me feel like the life of the party. I received so many compliments on my complexion and also on the outfit. The love from other people encouraged me to continue to stand out and dare to be different. So the next time you second guess something you want to do or wear, just do it! Prepare yourself for the "What she got on?" stares but also prepare for the love. Hope you all enjoyed this Throwback Thursday and don't forget to comment and/or ask any questions! Until next time my amazing SBL fam!

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3 comentarios

07 jun 2021

Keep these style inspirations coming and of course please keep us dressed 😻

Me gusta

30 jul 2020

You killed this look sis!!!

Me gusta

S. R. D.
S. R. D.
30 jul 2020

I love this so much E babe! You taught me all I know about thrifting friend. Love you <3 Keep at this

Me gusta
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