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Vintage, Confidence and Sunflowers!

What’s up, Kings and Queens?! Happy Hump Day! We’re almost there y’all, Friday is near. Today’s post you all will learn more about some of my favorite things and the story behind this fire look! Per usual, I have to acknowledge the people who have invested in my brand. Huge shoutout to my SISTUH, Vanica. She graciously invited me to her sunflower photoshoot series and took these amazing photos! Vanica, thank you! 

Vanica did not know this but sunflowers are my absolute favorite flower! Love, love, love them!🌻 So naturally I was super hype about this shoot. But let’s get into this fit honey! I found this shirt and belt at Goodwill for $6! The shirt was $5 and the belt was $1. Listen, as soon as I saw the shirt I grabbed it. Didn’t really have an idea what I was going to do with it but I knew I could do something. Later I went to find a gold belt for another outfit but I found this beautiful green one instead! 😍 I immediately thought, this is how I’m going to put this together! I had a vision! Wherever and whenever I wear this outfit, I’m going to be the loudest in the room! LOL! I decided to pair it nicely with some distressed jeans and lime open-toe heels. I chose the jeans because I wanted a different look. I wanted to look loud, vibrant and urban. It was a look for me! After I bought the outfit and put it all together, I just needed a place to wear it. Due to COVID there is literally nowhere to go. A couple days later, Vanica messaged me and mentioned she would do me a photoshoot for free! I truly cried. Super excited and blessed to have such a great support system in my life! It rained the day of the shoot but by the time she was ready for me, it was clear skies! God is so good. It was an amazing day and a great shoot! 

So there you have it folks, Story Behind the Look! I loved being out in the sunflower field doing what I love. The outfit made a statement but the sunflowers made the statement come to life. I was in my happy place. In a field full of the exact flowers that gives me so much peace, wearing secondhand clothing that gives me life, walking in my purpose and being my true authentic self unapologetically. In this picture, you see the Vintage Black Girl! It was great and I felt great. Even with all the stares walking into the field, I was truly in my element. Thank you for reading. Until next time friends. In the meantime, don’t forget to give yourself grace. Take care! 

-Vintage Black Girl

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