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"You Give Me Butterfliessssssss"

What’s up, Kings and Queens?! Welcome to "Story Behind the Look"! It’s that time again...Throw Back Thursday! Today I'm featuring my brother, Rob LaRay! Most of you don’t know but he enjoys thrifting too! As a matter of fact, the shirt and shorts that he is wearing in this photo were thrifted. As well as my shirt! Which some of you may recognize from our last post! Let's get into the "Story Behind the Look"!

I bought this shirt from my favorite Goodwill on NE 81st in Miami, FL for $8! I love it so much I call her “You Give Me Butterflies” 👚✨🦋. I call her this because of the beautiful white, purple and gold butterflies. There are two. One on the front and one off the shoulder, going into the top of the back! If you look closely the butterfly is bedazzled with pink rhinestones! Love, love, love it! This isn’t a shirt that you would wear often, it’s definitely a statement piece that you wear on occasions. The first time I wore it was a few years ago in New York while visiting with my brother. On this day, we had a day out in the city! Considering the fact, we matched so well, we had to have a photo shoot! It was only right, LOL! I felt so vibrant wearing this outfit and super comfortable! The colors from the shirt and shoes were popping! I dressed it down with some Levi ripped shorts and some cute white and neon yellow sneakers that I purchased while traveling in Spain! Oh, and I cant forget about the glasses, which I adore! Thank you Denasia! I felt like a tourist standing in Times Square because I definitely stood out! It was a great look for a summer day in NYC!

There you have it folks, “Story Behind the Look”! So as you see, this time it wasn’t the make of the shirt that sparked my attention, it was the colors and details of the butterflies! It was different, it was vintage and fit my personality so well. With that, what fits your personality? What catches your attention? What makes you feel alive? What sparks your interest? Think about it...I love y’all! Until next time✨

-Vintage Black Girl

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