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I am not my HAIR but I am this outfit!

What's up, Kings and Queens?! I hope you all are alive and well despite the current state of our country. I've been praying for all of us. This week I want us to think back to a time when we were labelled. Maybe labelled as the girl with the big forehead, the boy with the big teeth, the girl that was too dark, the fat boy, the bald headed girl, etc. Take a minute to think about how those statements made you feel. Did you start to compare yourself to others? What did you do in that moment? We will come back to this later.

Let’s get into this LOOK, starting with my hair! So I have this love/hate relationship with my hair. I love it but I hate that I don't have a curl pattern! I have been natural for 8 years now. Cut all of my ends off and we’re still here. But all in all, I love my natural hair and I'm hopeful that eventually I will get a curl pattern that I will appreciate more. I just want to wear a pineapple honestly, LOL. They are so cute! I don't often wear my hair out because it doesn't look like other Queens around me but I recently acknowledged that my natural hair is different for a reason. It is God’s gift to me, so I will embrace it. Whether it’s curly or not, it does not define who I am. It’s beautiful and it’s mine, which is why I decided to rock it in this state all week! It went so well with this outfit! I purchased this shirt from Goodwill! Yep, its another shirt! I'm starting to like oversized printed shirts and turning them into something that works for me. Originally, I was going to put it up for resell for my plus size women but I just loved it too much. It was $6. I also purchased the belt from Goodwill for $2. The whole outfit was under $10! Talk about balling on a budget! I look too good chileeeee, LOL! I decided to pair this outfit with some black boots because it gave me fall vibes. Let’s be clear, I'm in Florida so I have to use my imagination, lol (I miss home by the way)! I loved this look and I definitely loved this abstract print! This shirt tells so many stories. It’s like the landscape you see as you're looking out the window of a flying plane. Like an open field with trees and paths. Visualize it.

There you have it folks, "Story Behind the Look"! I hesitated taking these pictures because my hair wasn't done but I aim to stay consistent with sharing content with you I had to do it. I had to embrace my natural hair, my natural beauty and it worked! I hope you all enjoyed this read and the next time you feel like you're being labelled by your hair, skin, weight, height, look...own it! You're more than enough Kings and Queens, so stop comparing yourself to others and live in your truth unapologetically! You're AMAZING!

-Vintage Black Girl

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