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Introducing, Talia Leslie!

What's up, Queens?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! How yall doing? What's new? I truly hope you've been taking care of yourselves. Y'all know how I feel about self-care. I know it's hard to find time but you have to make yourself a priority. In other news, this week's feature is Talia Leslie, a dear friend of mine! Talia and I met back in December during a webinar and have been stuck like glue since that day! She is such an amazing person and today she will be sharing the story behind her look! Also, today is her BIRTHDAY! Show her some love in the comments! Happy Birthday, Sis! I appreciate you! So, what’s the story behind your look?!

"I began thrifting with my mom at a very young age out of necessity. My mother was a single parent of 3 and she wanted to keep us stylish on a custodian’s budget. I hated it!!! I am now shouting from the rooftops about my low cost finds that I discover by thrifting. What started out as something that I despised, has grown into a passion by way of styling and my resell business that I currently focus on part time when I’m not educating the future.

My book cover look is a vintage Casual Corner Dress that I scored on Poshmark. When I purchased this particular dress, I had no idea that it would be the dress I would wear on my first book cover! I fell in love with the poofy sleeves and the pearl detail ($30.00). I paired it with a black and pearl fedora ($15.00) and Casadei Blade boots that were a splurge purchase ($980.00) This look embodies my name because I love mixing low cost thrifted items with designer labels.

If I had to give advice to another reseller, I would let them know to start in their own closets! Sell items that you aren’t wearing anymore and stay true to yourself! If you are a mall brand girl... stick to that! Don’t try to sell items because you see others having success with them. Your people will appreciate you being your authentic self."


There you have it folks, Story Behind the Look! Isn't she just lovely?! She is truly “The High Low Fashionista”! It was the Louboutins for me honey and the beret! I love a good beret and hoping one day she will decide to gift it to me, LOL! I hope you all enjoyed Talia's story and witnessed how her name literally is a reflection of who she is and her brand. Low on the top and high on the bottom! Gotta love you some Talia! I'm going to be like you one day! Thank y’all for reading and until next time, don't forget to do what works for you, forget about what anyone else has to say. Love y'all!

-Vintage Black Girl

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