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Thanksgiving 2020!

What’s up, Kings and Queens?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! So were y’all feeling my Thanksgiving outfit or nah?! Let me tell you the story behind it. I finally had someone to go thrifting with me to capture this find (I’m always by myself and never have anyone to record). So boom, I’m mad hype because I immediately had a vision in my head of how I wanted to style this look. I get up to the register and sis overcharged me for the set🙄. She charged me $12 instead of $6. (In my head) “M’am, I’ve been thrifting forever I know how much two piece sets cost” but nonetheless instead of showing out in Goodwill with my friend in town and a line of people behind me, I kept my attitude to a minimum and paid the $12! I told myself it would be worth it because I was going to SLAY this outfit for Thanksgiving and she did💅🏾

I hate wasting money and I hate even more when somebody try to play ME! LOL But the value, experience, confidence, feeling I had on Thanksgiving Day meant so much more to me than the overpriced set. The feeling it gave me was definitely worth the $12🙏🏿 This outfit was MY style, it represents me and who I am. I loved it! I felt good, I looked good, I was good!

Moreover, we all have a choice. However, it’s up to you to decide how you take the good from the bad. Next time you’re in a situation ask yourself is it worth it? Is it worth my peace of mind? You get to determine the value of your situation. Be well kind to yourself.

-Vintage Black Girl

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