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The Queen is coming, The Queen is coming!

What’s up, Kings and Queens?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! We are finally entering Fall! Although, Florida doesn’t really do seasons, LOL! Growing up in North Carolina, I use to love fall weather! Today’s Throwback Thursday post, I will be talking about this long sleeve, Fuchsia dress! 

I bought this dress last June while visiting my grandmother in Connecticut! It was my last day in Stamford, so I convinced my grandma to go thrifting with me! She knew a Goodwill that was near by and she always wanted to go, so it worked out perfectly! Once we got to Goodwill, we both went our separate ways...but after I told her “Grandma, I am a thrifter. I may take up more time than you’ll expect.” Her being the loving woman she is, said “Okay, baby have fun.” Per usual, I went straight to the dresses. After looking for about 10 mins, I ran across this beautiful Fuchsia and gold dress. First thing I noticed was the the length and the long sleeves. I had been looking for a nice, long dress and the colors were beautiful together. I found my grandma in the store to ask her opinion on the dress and she loved it! She admired how good it looked on me and motivated me to buy it and I did, for only $12! I purchased many other things too and so did my grandma! We had a great time thrifting together! 

My first time wearing this dress was last year around this time for my friend Erika’s college graduation party! Shoutout to you Queen! There wasn’t any particular attire and I had been waiting to wear this dress and I thought this was the perfect opportunity! I knew I wanted to wear it with my hair up and y’all know I love my bun! I felt like it complimented the dress. Now, listen on this day I truly felt like Queen E! A true goddess. The way the dress flowed when I walked, the way the gold designs reflected off of my skin. I was beautiful! I was feeling myself all night. LOL! The crazy part about this night was right before I left home I got into any argument with a friend and my spirits were really low. But once I got dressed and walked to my car I forgot all about that argument. I was walking in my truth while accepting the beautiful black queen that I am! It was a night to remember! 

There you have it folks "Story Behind the Look"! Y'all this might be one of my favorite #TBT post! I absolutely love this dress! My whole look on this day was FIRE! I always look back at this picture as a reminder of who I am and it gives me so much peace. What's your reminder? What reminds you of the amazing person you are? What do you refer to for self love? If you don't have anything or haven't thought about it, just know that you are beautiful inside and out! You were born into this world as worthy men and women who are destined to do great things. Own it, Believe it. Do it.

-Vintage Black Girl

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