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Today we celebrate!

Hey! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! How y'all feeling?! I hope well. This has been a week for me and it has only been three days, LOL. Nonetheless, I'm still grateful. I'm grateful for life and the relationship I have with my Lord and Savior. Today, I want to challenge you to reach out to one person and simply say, I love you! It's free of charge. Try it!

Today, I chose to talk about the look from my 30th Birthday! It represents all the strong African American women out there who are struggling with understanding the amount of power they have. Ladies, I'm the first to say that it took me years to understand my power. Not only do I have power simply by being black but also because I'm a woman. I hold so much knowledge, wealth and intelligence. Being a black woman is powerful! Things in this world would be limited, if not for the black woman. I have struggled my entire life with understanding my value, worth and beauty. It was hard for me. I was bullied, name called, etc. I can barely remember hearing the words, "You're beautiful, Erica" and because I didn't hear it, I grew up thinking that I was ugly and had no value. However, I appreciate those trials and tribulations because they simply made me into the beautiful, powerful, young adult I am today! Life lesson have to go through some things in order to see your value. I mean so much to the people around me. People love me. They like me. They care for me and they will do anything they can for me. I'm crying writing this because it has been a hard, long journey but I'm so grateful that I never gave up on myself. Ladies, you have the power to be whoever you want to be. Choose you. Love you. Understand who you are. You are worth it! You are beautiful! You are smart! You are unique! This LOOK reminds me everyday of who I am and the amount of power I have, so it’s by far, one of my favorite pictures! Today, I celebrate you too, Black Woman!

So, there you have it, "Story Behind the Look"! I really hope this message blessed you. I really want us to start celebrating ourselves more because we are truly phenomenal! It may take some time but I pray you continue to live in your truth and love yourself daily. Don't let anyone make you feel less than who you are. You too can be the next Vice President Kamala Harris! Remember, you have the power! I love you, Queen!

-Vintage Black Girl

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