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Whitley vs. Hilary

What's up, Kings and Queens?! Welcome to Story Behind the Look! Wow, it's really been over a month since I last wrote a blog post. I'm sorry y'all, I've been so busy. However, if you follow me on Instagram you've still been getting these looks! (sneaky grin) I hope you all have been doing well and taking good care of yourselves. I've been okay. The school year is coming to an end which means there's a lot to do to end the year successfully. However, summer is near. During these busy times, I've been giving myself grace. I understand the things that I cannot change and what I can and cannot do. So, with that, I have to extend myself grace. So, take a page from my book and stop being so hard on yourself and affirm yourself as much as you can.

Now, let's get into this look! Memorial Day weekend I traveled to Atlanta to see my friends. We had such a good time. We had a cookout on Monday and this was the look I gave! Y'all I hate to toot my own horn but I really love this outfit. I purchased the shirt from a reseller on Instagram @thecrulook! She's so dope! Check out her page, when you can! As soon as she posted these T-shirts I had to have one! I love Whitley sooooo much! Growing up watching A Different World and admiring her and Dwayne's relationship made her my favorite. I love Hilary's style too but her personality wasn't it for me LOL! But she definitely served us some looks! If I had to choose Whitley vs. Hilary, I'm definitely putting my money on Whitley! Love this shirt! I decided to pair it with this leopard skirt that I thrifted for $5.00! Leopard is most definitely one of my favorite prints and I thought it went really well with the T-shirt. I used Iesha skirt hack from @thriftntell to give the look a little sass and I loved how it turned out! I also wanted to be comfortable, so I threw on some Nike sneakers. After putting on my outfit, I liked it but I didn't love it! So, I decided to add this gold belt and some vintage accessories! I was happy! I was comfortable and owned my creativity! Of course, I had to flex and throw on some black shades! It was a look, honey! I received so many compliments at the cookout and everyone wanted my shirt LOL! This look was fun and I'm happy I thought outside the box when creating it!

So, there you have it folks, Story Behind the Look!! Did yall like my outfit? Would you wear it?! I originally had another outfit planned in my head for this T-shirt but for whatever reason, it just didn't work out! Oh, you're probably wondering "Who car is that?" well babyyy, it ain't mine LOL but I sure did use it for my aesthetics! It worked out perfectly! I love traveling because it gives me the freedom to find beautiful aesthetics for my photos! I also love my friends who know how to take my photos the way I like because some of them...whew God LOL! But yea, don't forget to give yourself grace and don't forget that no matter what you decide to wear you are beautiful! No matter if no one likes it, you are beautiful! It's okay to create your own look and your own style. Look at me!

Have a great weekend amazing people!

-Vintage Black Girl

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